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Spiral FX

where imagination meets reality

About Us

Trained in makeup and makeup effects for film and television, we bring professionalism and efficiency to every project. Inspired by the legends of the past, Spiral FX is here to fit the needs of the client for today.

We rely on references of the imagination. Creating characters pulled from your dreams, and maybe your nightmares. 

Here you'll find an accurate representation of what Spiral FX is capable of. Creating creatures and making messes of all kinds. 

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Victor And Emily


Film and TV

Body casting

Digital Design

Creature Creation and repairs


Parties and Events

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The images on this website or those associated contain subject matter that some may find disturbing 


Take a look through time at the work we've been trusted to complete, the teams we've lead, and the creatures we've created.

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Owner/Artist - Cate Carmichael  |  Tel: 1-587-989-8676
Alberta, Canada

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